Jiangsu Newamstar Packaging Machinery Co. Ltd., located in Zhangjiagang Economic Development Zone, is one of the largest liquid (beverage) packaging machinery research & development and manufacturing base in China. It is officially listed on Shenzhen stock exchange on 25th April, 2016 (stock code 300509), becoming a listed company in China's liquid food equipment field.

Newamstar have long adhered to the idea of “innovation drives the development, and quality gains the market”. It achieves the dream of “Chinese Equipment, World Equipment!”  by providing global customers in the five major fields of beverage, dairy, alcohol, condiment, and household & personal care products complete set of intelligent equipment, including water treatment, pre-treatment, blow molding, filling, secondary packaging, robot transfer, and intelligent stereoscopic warehouse etc. , and comprehensive solutions, covering formulation process support and customer factory engineering layout of the early stage, equipment research & development and engineering construction of the middle stage, and training service support of the later stage. Up to now, Newamstar has supplied excellent equipment and perfect service for many famous domestic and international brands such as Coca Cola, Danone, Nestle, Master Kong, Wahaha, Dali, C’estbon, Ganten, Panpan, Zhongfu, Tongyi, Yinlu, Haitian, Jiajia, Luhua, Nice Group etc. The products have covered the whole China and been exported to over 70 countries and regions.

Adhere to high-end positioning, and insist on technological innovation. As a national key high-tech enterprise and provincial innovative enterprise, Newamstar has built Jiangsu liquid packaging engineering technology research center, Jiangsu enterprise technology center, and Jiangsu enterprise postgraduate work station. The company spends 4% to 5% sales revenue on research & development and takes initiative to upgrade software/hardware intellectually, becoming powerful in product research & development. It has successively been responsible for 8 national science and technology projects, 3 provincial science and technology projects, and host or participated in 8 national and industrial standards formulation. Especially in the technological fields of national aseptic cold filling and blowing-filling-capping combiblock, Newamstar stays far ahead and leads the industrial development.

As the expert and leader of China’s high-end liquid (beverage) packaging machinery, Newamstar puts “Internet+” strategy into deep implementation, makes an organic combination of technology innovation and target management, and leads to plant digitalization and informatization into industrial upgrade. Through efficient 3D design tool CREO and advanced Windchill research & development management platform, it adopts intelligent remote maintenance and monitoring technology, and builds integrated platform of remote maintenance and data analysis, so as to realize share and interaction of production site information and data, to achieve whole life cycle networking integrated service of machine equipment, and to build intelligent, intellectual, and ideal factories for customers in the real sense.

During the thirteenth five-year plan, Newamstar takes “revitalization of national industry” as its own responsibility, focuses on full life circle service of production & stock integration liquid food intelligent factory, and makes market exploration and science & technology innovation. By keeping close to the step of industry 4.0, it marches towards made-in-China 2025, and constantly pushes the transformation of made-in-China into innovated-in-China, of Chinese speed into Chinese quality, and of Chinese products into Chinese brands, which furthers the company to strive for global leading supplier of liquid packaging solutions.


Once the equipment has emergency shut-down, our quick response will help to solve problem and resume production. We are committed to reduce and avoid halt mode by active preventative maintenance and we optimize whole production efficiency.

Our technology support:
Remote diagnosis
Field quick maintenance
Maintenance agreement
Diagnose report
Optimize and improve

Remote diagnosis
Remote data analysis
To master production line condition, we can remotely edit your key data point in process and production database. By data analysis, equipment running condition can be well mastered.

Field connecting diagnosis
After your permission, Newamstar engineers can remotely access software system, connect field monitoring system, judge the cause of equipment fault by data analysis and field video, and provide solutions to improve production efficiency.

Quick maintenance
When customer's equipment malfunctions to stop, Newamstar will start quick maintenance process according to customer requirement to ensure production run properly in the shortest time.

Quick maintenance guarantee plan
24-hour ready to start
Special cars for 400 kilometers distance
Arrive within 12 hours within province and 24 hours for outside provinces
The priority of spare parts support

Maintenance agreement
Maintenance agreement mode:
Preventative maintenance
Whole maintenance and heavy repair
Technology trusteeship (Operation and maintenance)

The advantage of Newamstar talent and technology realize equipment's whole reliability and make customer carefree; the final purpose of maintenance agreement – making the greatest benefit to customer production line.

Diagnosis report
System evaluates production line condition
By complete inspection of the equipment, we can master running quality of production line, keep away possible fault, and reduce the high cost of machine halt.
From diagnosis result to maintenance improvement

By complete inspection of production line and analyzing the state of single machine, Newamstar service engineers will present measures to rectify and reform to hidden troubles, faults and maintenance weekness.

Optimization and improvement
Production line optimization and improvement service:
Process upgrade
Structure improving
Efficiency optimization
Energy-saving improving

Keep customer production line in the best condition, use advanced technology to extend production lifetime, keep on optimizing and improving equipment function to improve production efficiency and reduce resource consumption.

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