Zhongwo choose 36000BPH aseptic filling production line from


Product description: Aseptic Filling Newamstar has the exclusive matured medium and high speed PET aseptic cold filling technology in China. The technology has comprehensive adaptability for beverage products.

Henan zhongwo is a large corporate enterprise which combined with R&D, production and sales in the beverage market, the beverage brand is named as “Zhongwo”. the main product is functional drinks, in the total company sales, 50% is energy drinks, 30% is soda water, 20% is other products, the annual sales growth rate is up to nearly 30%.
As the representative of local enterprise in central China, Zhongwo management team realized that to get one space in the fierce competition, they must adjust the product function and cate to the taste of consumer, avoid product homogeneity, And in the meantime, apply differentiated marketing strategy and ensure the product distribution rate. Through a dozen years development, Zhongwo had fully prepared to face the market challenge, accelerating realize mechanization and intelligent of the production lines and enhance the capacity greatly, increasing the product series, the New factory covers the area of 200mu.
The inevitable trend of enterprise development, and also considering with self-interest, it is to expand the production and expansion. Newamstar has supplied more than dozens ultra-clean production lines in the past years, and Zhongwo always pay attention to the running condition of the aseptic filling line at home and abroad, after comprehensive research, investigation and careful evaluation, finally Zhongwo decided to purchase one 36000BPH PET aseptic filling line from Newamstar. The aseptic production line will be used to produce natural protein drinks, coffee drinks, functional beverages, fruit flavor water, tea drinks, juice drinks.
Zhongwo and Newamstar has developed strong trust and friendship during all those years cooperation and development, it has become the strong and positive strength to boost cooperation and development of two companies.