To be a Shining Star


Product description: Aseptic Filling Newamstar has the exclusive matured medium and high speed PET aseptic cold filling technology in China. The technology has comprehensive adaptability for beverage products.

With talented person, enterprise will be prosperous. A good company must have a good talent team. Creating an invincible and stars shining team, it has become the cornerstone of Newamstar’s growing business.
Newamstar employees are from all parts of China, from the initial 80 people until now, we have more than 900 emplyees, which forms a distinctive, strong complementary and high performing capacity team. Talent echelon structure is also more perfect, which shows the characteristics of youth and high quality. This is a huge fortune for Newamstar for many years. Talent is a win-win process, it not only promotes the development of enterprises, but also makes the achievements of many skilled employees. After Newamstar having the right strategic direction, the mature technology and sufficient resources, it lays the key to victory in the battle of a department or even a person, as long as a little mistake, everything will be over.
For the company, the scientific management is the best way to realize the talents training. Talents, like "stars", we not only find out the biggest and the brightest star, but with perfect human resource management mechanism to put "stars into galaxies, forming a beautiful Milky Way. We should standardize and improve the personnel system of performance management according to standard, process and innovation culture. In daily work, fully authorized, encourage innovation, and cooperate for win-win, to make employees feel be respected and trusted, find a sense of identity and belonging, to share the joy of achievement together. Creating a space for free development for employees, not miss any one or any good creative ideas, to stimulate the enthusiasm of the staff, we can release each employee's energy, intelligence and confidence, realize growing up healthily and happily. The establishment and improvement of the selection, breeding, using, retaining the talent management system and mechanisms for the promotion of outstanding talent, build up a stage for talented people. Newamstar’s career is in a critical development period, all aspects of our work is to "intensive", talent respecting, talent cultivation, talent trust, talents encouragement will be our firm goals on the road of sustainable development.
For employees, the enterprise is a platform for the development of themselves, employees' personal values and aspirations can be achieved through the development of enterprises. Only if the enterprise develops well, we can provide a better platform for the development of staff, we can improve the staff's material life and mental outlook. Setting up the sense of sharing weal with enterprise and woe sense of ownership, we can enable individuals and enterprises to obtain common development. Therefore, whether it is new or old employees, both junior staff and management personnel, should have the responsibility to make the largest contribution and efforts for the development of enterprises, must strive to be a shining "star".
The development of enterprise depends on the comprehensive high quality, high efficiency employees.
To have a sense of responsibility. Doing a good job is the basic requirements of enterprise employees. With a strong sense of responsibility is to become the "star" of the first condition.
Have a career mind. As an employee of the enterprise, we should take our job as a career to treat. Learning experience, exercise capacity, growth opportunities are more important than the salary.
Must have an ordinary heart. Cherish your present job, doing a good job is a prerequisite for being a "star". Those people who always change jobs with impetuous thought will never succeed.
To be aggressive. Society is in progress, and enterprises are developing, individuals should also continue to improve their quality and ability. To be a star, the first choice is to choose the right direction of development, put the personal progress and the development of the enterprise, the personal interests and the interests of the enterprise closely together.
In short, to be a "star", you need to be loyal to the enterprise, standing on the position of "I am the boss", sacrifice your knowledge, skills and expertise. In order to adapt to different environments, you must have a big bitter and resistant to the spirit of the great work. Good communication, cooperation, diligent in thinking and innovation. To be an honest man, steadfast work, only in this way, you can be recognized by the enterprise, we will not be invincible, and eventually you will become a unique and indispensable "star".
If we are all a shining star, together with each other, more than 900 shining stars embedded and sparkle in the sky of Newamstar. Just imagine, it is not only a beautiful Milky Way, but is the vivid picture scroll of “Each age brings forth new genius on this noble land”. Let us study and work hard, and look forward to seeing Newamstar talent "stars shining" era.