Join hand with Panpan to create a healthy time


Product description: Aseptic Filling Newamstar has the exclusive matured medium and high speed PET aseptic cold filling technology in China. The technology has comprehensive adaptability for beverage products.

A happy occasion, I was invited to a friend's wedding. In the dinner, when Panpan Group’s coconut juice put on the table, my eyes was shining at the moment, and I couldn’t wait to introduce them to my friends, "This coconut juice is produced by our customer, Panpan Group, which is the top product in the market. “My friends astounded and asked the reason with great interest.
“Why it is located in the top ranks? First, this coconut juice is made from natural fresh coconut by extracting, so it is totally different with the coconut juice produced by directly adding coconut powder. Second, this product is packed in PET bottle, using the industry-leading aseptic cold filling technology, which makes the product supernatural, fresher, more nutritious, but do not adding preservatives.” After listen my explanation and feel my proud, my friend joked, “So advanced, ah, I want to join with your company!” 
Seeing the coconut juice and listening my friend’s joke, at this time I felt that I was back at the company, working on the projects with Panpan Group.
In 2013, Panpan Group invested heavily in the beverage industry, and chose to cooperate with Newamstar. Besides two high-speed COMBI drinking water production lines, it has purchased a 36000BPH aseptic cold filling production line for the production of coconut juice and lactic acid drinks named “Solubrity”. The coconut juice and “Solubrity” were well received on the market and in short supply, therefore, in 2015, Panpan Group has decided to further expand production capacity to meet the rapid growth in consumer demand, once again purchased a 24000BPH aseptic COMBI in new generation from Newamstar.
Futuristic ideas, advanced technology, perfect match, which is a true portrayal of the aseptic blowing-filling-capping COMBI production line, well combination of COMBI and aseptic two core technologies of Newamstar.
Compared with traditional aseptic cold filling production line, this production line adopted the COMBI technology in a new generation, integrating blowing part and filling part together. The power consumption, process, space utilization, efficiency and etc. have greatly improved compared with traditional aseptic cold filling line. The air conveyor is eliminated in this new generation aseptic line with COMBI solution, so completely solve the problems of bottle jam and bottle hitting and greatly improve the efficiency of the production line when produce a variety of types bottle. In the space utilization level, COMBI machine can save one third of the area compared with the traditional equipment. We can imagine that at this moment in the short resources of land, the saved space can be well used. Because of the compact design of COMBI, it recuses the maintenance cost and number of the operators in the production line.
A new generation of technology and equipment reflects the enterprising spirit and hard work of Newamstar, the strong R&D capabilities and solid technical foundation, and the great mission to help customers build an ideal factory. 
For a long time, Newamstar has always insisted on at customer's perspective to help customers solve the problem. Newamstar and Panpan group had a pleasant cooperation over the years. As the advertisement for the lactic acid drinks named “Solubrity”, "Love you more means healthy every day." Newamstar, day after day, will always put the food safety in the first place and cooperate with famous enterprises at home and abroad to develop and deliver conscience products, to create a healthy time. We believe that a better future belongs to Panpan Group, Newamstar, and the national enterprises that make unremitting efforts.